June 27, 2020

WWDC this year really solidified Apple's clear view and vision of it's end goal. The unified user experience, across all of it's devices.

It's no secret this has been the long term vision of Apple for some time but I think we've seen their biggest push toward this during this year's WWDC.

Apple Silicon, Widgets across iOS devices, icon redesigns in Big Sur, AirPod switching automatically across devices, CarPlay enhancements............. it's all converging on a single, seamless user experience across every Apple device you use.

I, for one, can not wait. I've always seen this as the utopia of device ownership and use. Everything looks, feels and behaves the same, I pick up on one device where I left off on another, whether that be in my hand, in the car or at my desk.

The next few years are shaping up to be very exciting.